The Funniest Disney Themed Tumblr Posts In One Place

Everyone in this world has one thing that they love. Whether the ones they love exactly smitten with it or not is not a matter of thing here. This kind of love can be in any form. It can be your favorite sports team. Or it could be your book or even your favorite movie that you love. In this case, it could even be Disney. Whatever it is it’s on the internet and it’s your love in a way. After sharing with people, you can chat about their best scenes with other people on social media. You can also include people who have always been staunch Disney fans. We have a great Tumblr post for you, in which you will get to see about Buzz and Woody, the King of the big cats, and the most incredible family on the big screen, etc.

Being a Disney fan you will definitely love these posts and maybe you have the same thinking too. So scroll down and let us know in the end which post you think is the best one.

#1 Someone translated the song from The Lion King

#2 Sometimes the jokes aren’t exactly child-friendly, and that’s okay!

#3 Bring on The Incredibles 2!!!

#4 Can someone give me a hand?

#5 The BEST Snow White Fan theory!


#7 This post was going so well until…

#8 I like things with my face on them too!

#9 We all seem to forget that the creators at Disney are actual geniuses!