16 Hilarious Disney Comics Guaranteed to Ruin Your Memories


No matter what age we are, we can’t stop ourselves from falling in love with Disney. Because age can’t reflect our love for Disney, age is just a statistic. Our love is in Disney adventure stories, so there’s no one to determine our lifetime fondness for our favorite Disney movies, not even age.

People rarely laugh at slapstick humor and instead most of the time our jokes are based on dark or vulgar undertones, which is why they are often outright plaintiffs. Naturally, we can say that we have a tendency especially when we combine our special sense of humor with our hobbies for childhood memories then we make up our mind to share it on the internet. But it was so funny and people enjoyed watching it, but it was not shareable. You will not find anything dark it is just super realistic. What we mean is, if Raja was Princess Jasmine’s kitty cat, then definitely could have made the snuggle time cat-style more interesting to people.

#1 I mean

#2 She has bad memories of all things apple.

#3 This was a smart use of her time.

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#4 This is why being specific is important

#5 So many women can relate to Aurora today.

#6 Hey, for all he knows the other gal was a terrible person.

#7 I’m mostly impressed she got it all off in 2 quick wipes.

#8 Now this we can relate to.

#9 If I was Rapunzel this would be me.

#10 Stick this on the list of jokes that officially ruined my childhood.

#11 Don’t mess with Elsa.

#12 That was pretty rude! There’s nothing wrong with enjoying baking.

#13 In case you were wondering why everyone else was also cursed…

#14 I guess tasting that apple before she baked with it saved a whole lot of lives, eh?

#15 After all, Raja is just a big kitty.

#16 Well, she knows what she likes..



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