Artist Recreated 10+ Disney Princesses In Realistic Way

Jakarta based illustrator Andhika Muksin who loves to alter stuff he finds on the internet. This time he chose Disney princesses – he decided to recreate them as normal girls living regular lives – you know, the sleeping-with-your-mouth-open and taking double-chin pictures with your front camera types of normal lives.

In an interview with Buzzfeed, Andhika said he grew up watching Disney films and obsessing over the characters. As he became an adult, his perspective of his childhood icons shifted – he started seeing them from a more complex point of view. “Then ideas started popping in my head — like Aurora is such a graceful and reserved character, but I bet she’d lose it a bit at Coachella,” said Andhika.

Check out Andika’s work in the gallery below!

Source: Facebook | Instagram

#1 Free Fall Of The Wind

#2 Part Of Your Wo–

#3 Sleeping

#4 Agrabah Night In

#5 Verified Face Time Princess

#6 Swap White

#7 Part Of Your Front Camera

#8 A Whole New Ouch!

#9 Holding Your Breath From Ursula’s Lair Got You Like

#10 A Whole New Woooooooo

#11 “I’m Not A Regular Mom, I’m A Cool Mom…”

#12 When You Leave The Ocean For Pizza

#13 Eating Apple

#14 Your Tagged Pictures Be Like

#15 Dracarys

#16 Painful Beauty

#17 “What Do You Mean She’s Prettier Than Me…?”