Artist Reimagined Adorable Disney Princesses as RPG Characters

Whenever Disney princesses find themselves head-to-head with evil, they always start fighting with it. It is because princesses are always trying to make the creation a better place. Even in some stories, they go with peaceful methods to prove that resorting to violence is never essential. If you are a true fan of Disney then you can imagine how wonderful it would be to see your beloved and brave princesses fighting with courage. 

Thanks to the illustrator, who is also a big Disney fan, you can see how Disney princesses will look if fighting for a peaceful world. They can be the Warrior, Beastmaster, Monk, Black Mage, or someone else. The artist redesigned beautiful Disney princesses as RPG characters showing how these can inspire us with kindness and love. It is always exhilarating to reimagine Disney characters into something entirely different.

#1 Pocahontas as The Warrior

#2 Jasmine as The Summoner

#3 Cinderella as The Paladin

#4 Aurora as The Black Mage

#5 Tiana as The Lancer

#6 Rapunzel as The Thief

#7 Mulan as The Monk

#8 Merida as The Archer

#9 Snow White as The White Image

#10 Belle as The Beastmaster

#11 Ariel as The Red Mage

#12 Aurora as The Black Mage

#13 Kida as The Dark Knight