We Gave Disney Princesses A Short Hair Makeover, And The Results Are Breathtaking

Over the years, Disney has given us dozens of strong, beautiful and fearless Princesses and heroines, who take charge of their own lives and became an inspiration for generations to come.

And if they have one more thing in common, it is their long, flowy and luxurious hair. From Cinderella to Rapunzel, our princesses are blessed from head to toe.

Here is the perfect army of Disney Princesses over the years

From December 21, 1937, Disney has released so many movies and really gave little girls role models like Cinderella, Moana, Pochahontas and many others. Now imagine if these beautiful princesses lose their hair?

Cinderella, who awaits her Prince Charming, has been shown in her auburn hair for decades

Cinderella whims and chimes across the room with her beautiful hair flying in the wind. Her hair becomes an important part of her identity throughout her journey.

This is how she would look like with shortened hair

Prince Charming be damned, as our princess is shining in her low cut hair and deep blue eyes.

If you liked this, we gave some more of our favorite actresses short hair, and the results are magical. Take a look!

Anna and Elsa from the Ice Princess look lovely with a fresh bob

When it comes to getting fresh cuts, would Ice Princess look the absolute best? Here are Elsa and Anna, rocking that stunning bob.

Giselle from Enchanted has the perfect business cut

Giselle, from Enchanted, has been a symbol of beauty for decades. On her strawberry blonde hair, almost any style fits perfectly!

Esmeralda from The Hunchback of Notre-Dame looks lovely with her short curls

French Roma girl, Esmeralda, would look lovely if her hair were chopped off. She is one of the few Disney girls to be brunette.

Megara from Hercules’ looks better without the long locks

Brown-haired beauty Megara looks radiant with this little change. She literally pulls Hercules out of his misery and deserves this beautiful makeover.

Kida of Atlantis’ bob cut tells a story of its own

When the idea of giving princesses bob cut was first thought of, Kida must be the best candidate for it. She looks beautiful with her hair cut short.

Mulan rocks the deep cut like no other princess

Our precious soldier Mulan looks beautiful and embellished with her hair cut so short.

Just like our other Disney stars, Mulan would look lovely either way.

Moana’s sea escapades will look a whole lot better with a fresh chop

Moana is beautiful just the way she is. She belongs to the sea, as much as the sea belongs to her.

She would look perfect with a little change – and a little chop never hurts anyone, right?

Alice from Alice in Wonderland looks beautiful with a hair chop

Alice’s adventures look great after getting a haircut. She looks smart, sensitive and up to the task with her fresh bob.

Jane from the Tarzan could rock a bob too

Jane from the Tarzan truly brought out and inspired the fun side of women.

Our little explorer Jane could really use some hair cut, as she has to spend long days in the jungle.

Pocahontas would look lovely with her short hair

Pocahontas, the 1600 based Disney star, who led the charge against evil settler Ratcliffe looks beautiful in the movie.

Especially the last shot where her hair is shown to be flowing across her face. She would look as brave as ever with a bit short hair too.

Princess Jasmine’s makeover will make Alladin fall in love with her again

Princess Jasmine looks radiant with her hair flowing while flying on the carpet, but a little change goes a long way.

Jasmine can really take charge of her life by making some changes in her styling.

Belle from the Beauty and the Beast could really rock the short hair

After giving a full transformation to the Beast, maybe Belle could use some makeover herself?

This short cut looks beautiful on her low cut dress too.

Princess Aurora from the Sleeping Beauty looks like a bossy girl after her makeover

Sleeping Beauty Aurora looks really cool with chopped hair. Cursed by the evil maleficent, Aurora loses many great years of her life – and when she is awakened by a kiss from her prince, she is truly transformed.

New princess, new hair, right?

Little Mermaid Ariel, and her beautiful hair are a force to be reckoned with… now imagine this:

The seventh-born daughter of King Triton and Queen Athena of an underwater kingdom of Merfolk called Atlantica, Ariel is blessed with a beautiful voice and surreal beauty.

When we see her in short hair, we realize that her beauty is not in her hair, but in her personality.

Merida, from Brave, coming through with her cut down red locks

Merida, who is Pixar’s first female lead, has always been a breath of fresh air among the princesses. She also looks like someone who would chop her hair in a fit.

By chopping her hair, she sets a stunning example that beauty can exist in all shapes and situations.

And finally, our precious Rapunzel, and her short, crisp hair

Rapunzel, whose entire storyline is based on her hair, might have a hard time detaching herself from those beautiful golden locks.

But in the end, Rapunzel does embrace her short hair, and she never looks back.

Hair are really significant to the overall look and personality, right?

There is nothing edgier than women who do what they like. Hair, or no hair.

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