Artist Replace Disney Prince With Keanu Reeves And It’s The Best

Crystal Rao is an amazing artist, a brilliant illustrator, and a wonderful writer who is currently working for Buzzfeed. People are crazy about her fabulous artwork. Some time ago, she introduced her amazing skills in an artistic series crashing two incredible worlds together. She replaced the iconic Disney Prince with Keanu Reeves, which is equally true because all internet lovers, extraordinaire John Wick, and all amazing friends in this world will now see Keanu Reeves as a magical vision. Disney lovers are now expecting some sort of magic from these series as well as they are excited about the replacement of Keanu Reeves.

 It’s now up to you whether you’re here for the Disney art or to admire Keanu Reeves, but don’t be disheartened. Whether you are a fan of anyone, you will love this artwork.

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#1 Keanu Reeves as Aladdin

#2 Keanu Reeves as Prince Charming

#3 Keanu Reeves as Prince Eric

#4 Keanu Reeves as Prince Phillip

#5 Keanu Reeves as John Smith

#6 Keanu Reeves as Li Shang

#7 Keanu Reeves as Prince Charming

#8 Keanu Reeves as Prince Naveen

#9 Keanu Reeves as The Beast

There would be no end of this Keanu. Let us know which version you liked the most.