12 Disney Movie Characters- Inspired By Real-World Famous Personalities

Disney stories are incredibly amazing. Ever since childhood, these stories have served a special part in people’s lives. Whether it is about the songs, view, or the view, everything was fantastic. However, many people do not yet know that some of Disney stories characters were based on real-life humans. It has also been declared in some interviews that some of the Disney story characters are based on famous personalities. 

The gifted artists and animators of Disney have created some of the most beloved and world’s top characters. From the looks to the gestures and language, the animators have worked on the tones. The creators of the Disney fairy tales have observed everything perfectly to get it all right from the beginning to the end. Read along to know about some of the Disney characters based on people in real life.

#1 The four vultures- Voice by The Beatles.

#2 Maleficent- Voice by Eleanor Audley.

#3 Jessica Rabbit- Inspired by Rita Hayworth.

#4 The Mad Hatter- Based on Ed Wynn personality. 

#5 Edna Moda- Almost identical appearance to Linda Hunt.

#6 Scat Cat- Originally, the character was Louis Armstrong.

#7 Dr. Facilier- Based on Michael Jackson.

#8 Ariel- Inspired by Alyssa Milano

#9 Ursula- Inspired by Divine

#10 Alice- Inspired by Kathryn Beaumont

#11 Cruella de Vil- Based on Tallulah Bankhead gestures

#12 Snow White- Role accomplished by Marge Champion