Talented Artist Masterfully Reimagined 30 Disney Characters Into Majestic Mermaids

Many of us have grown up loving Disney animated movies, brilliant characters, and exhilarating storylines. From classic films to royal-looking characters, the world of Disney is amazing. The famous artists determine to turn all this fantasy world into fantastic artworks. Pedro Barrera is one of the talented Dutch artists who work to produce the cutest and coolest animated Disney characters that you have ever seen.

In his epic crossover series, he has transformed famous Disney characters into royal mermaids in fabulous full-color illustrations. The series features the universe of The Little Mermaid that will amaze you. The diehard fans of Disney would love to take a look at luxuriously looking characters as mermaids. The artist has mastered each look for the prince as well as princesses. Here, we have provided beautiful pictures of your beloved Disney characters transformed as majestic mermaids. Keep reading to get a close and impressive look at every single piece.

source: Fernl

#1 Flynn Ryder, Edward, Prince Naveen

#2 Adam, Aladdin, Taran

#3 Pocahontas, Kida, Jane

#4 Gorgeous Esmerelda, Stunning Megara, Royal Mulan

#5 Phoebus, Hercules, Shang

#6 Beautiful Jasmine, Eilonwy, Belle

#7 Rapunzel, Giselle, Tiana

#8 Princess Aurora, Snow White, Princess Cinderella

#9 Prince Charming, Prince Florian, Prince Phillip

#10 Tarzan, Milo, John