Some Disney Characters Dish Out The Most Savage Insults and Comebacks

We’ve found it too many times that a lot of Disney characters are professionals. They don’t take shit from anyone and come back with a bang. They do not miss any kind of opportunities. But we have to admit that even Disney is so family-friendly that when one of its characters burns up it actually stings.

This disgrace is still with the Disney family and has been appropriately aligned for people to see Disney. We might even call it a compilation of the most outrageous and brutal comebacks of Disney characters. Seeing this will make your day and you will love it wildly. Let us know if you’ve seen any of your favorite Disney comeback and insults and do you think Disney fans would love to see such a list of insults. Scroll down and check them out.

#1 Kuzco has absolutely no chill!!

#2 And he probably witnessed it firsthand

#3 Lowkey calling him a dumbass

#4 Classic!

#5 She destroyed sexism with one comeback

#6 He went too deep

#7 We should all apply this to our lives

#8 I know that feeling bro

#9 Too much sass in one gif

#10 With “The Greatest Possible Respect”

#11 Even his mother doesn’t love him

#12 Damn even the hyenas as savages

#13 That’s my life motto

#14 Right in the self-esteem

#15 I eat guys like you for breakfast

#16 That plot twist

#17 Daaaaaaamn