Artist Reimagined Disney Animal Characters Turned Into Humans And Humans Into Animals

Disney characters are so special and favorite of almost every child, as we grow up by seeing them. They have their unique style, aesthetic and personal traits that’s why they are so memorable. But if you imagine a twist here ‘what is something was a little different about them?’ For example- Bambi was a human being and Cruella de Vil was a dog herself. What would they look like then?

Artist Alex Pick has created these images. He has turned the human characters into animals and animal characters into humans. The artist calls the series “Disney Humanimals”.

Artist has 125k followers on Instagram. Scroll down and check out the series of Disney characters.

Source:- Instagram

#1 Alley Cat Musicians, Duchess And Thomas

#2 Jock And Trusty

The artist explained his motivation behind the series. “It was an idea already for a very long time to transform the animals into humans and also the other way around! I like these switched roles and those kind of mashups,”

#3 Peg And Lady

He told about his background with animation and drawing: “I have always been drawing ever since I could hold a pencil! I never wanted to do anything else! I dreamed to work for Disney as a kid, and to see my name on the screen or in the cinema in the credits of movies! Since 2000, I’ve been working as a designer for a German animation studio! And in my free time, I draw a lot of fanart.”

#4 Miss Bianca And Bernhard

#5 Cruella De Wuff And Nanny