13 Disney Characters Makeover By A Talented Artist

Pretty sure, Disney has made a huge fan following these days that artists cannot resist themselves to bring up innovations. Today, here we have one more such example from a San Diego-based artist- Eddie Holly. The artist has always grown up with a huge passion for Art & Entertainment. He calls himself a Fanboy at heart.

Not only in the field of Disney but also in the field of re-creating Star Wars characters and many video game franchises. Also, Eddie is famous for his years of experience in making licensed video animations, video gaming, apparel, and prints.

The popularity is to such an extent that the artist has gained around 40k followers on Facebook. His fan following arouse when he kept sharing his new innovations for Disney characters. In the present time, art and illustrations for Disney characters are the top-most trends.

Here are the basic illustrations are given by Eddie through his popular innovations.

source: EddieHolly

#1 Beginning with Peg

#2 Here are Wendy and Peter Pan

#3 Gogo

#4 Meet Tinkerbell

#5 Anna

#6 Again Tinkerbell

#7 Zipper with Gadget

#8 Mushu & Mulan

#9 Nani

#10 Meet Princess Jasmine

#11 Elsa

#12 Cheshire Cat and Alice

#13 Shanti from Jungle Book