Astonishing Disney and Horror Movie Icons Mashups Will Amaze You

Disney fans would love to see a horrific-looking Mickey Mouse and other beloved characters in a horror movie scene. Sadly, one can only imagine as this would happen but observing it, in reality, is quite unlikely to happen. However, true Disney and horror fandom can realize it is not that much weird as it seems to be. 

Daniel Bjork is a Swedish artist who outshines making some weird but exciting mashups between classic Disney characters and horror movie icons. The artworks are awesome, extremely creative, and will amaze you. Now, fans can see their favorite princesses and other Disney characters in horror movie acts. The artist is incredibly talented and came up with the wonderful idea to include this bizarre ideology in his creative art. Read along below to look at some of the best artworks and fall in love with mesmerizing creativity. 

#1 Lady vomit on someone’s face trying to kiss her when she is asleep

#2 Ski masks on the breast parts

#3 Immortal cats

#4 One with the hump

#5 Dogs eating from the same pot

#6 Zombie should disagree with this task

#7 The alien inside the stomach 

#8 Hell Raiser with some sights to show

#9 Tom cutting his leg with a saw

#10 Real boy

#11 Prey becomes predator