Difficulty and Beauty of the Womanhood in The Most Hilarious Way

Every woman on this planet is different from the other. And each one of them faces difficulty because of womanhood. Akshara Ashok creates and extraordinary articles to show the struggles which are faced by women on adulthood.

These images are very relatable for every women. See all the images and remember we all are together in these struggle, so enjoy while you can.

#1 But, he shared his lunch, in 2017

Women are emotional and use their heart for every decision, which makes them different from men.

#2 Double-check everything

Isn’t it gross?

#3 Sleepyhead

The bad movie partners.

#4 Artist is dead

Reality is often cruel.

#5 Switching between, same apps


We all know the reason.

#6 Waiting for my abs

What do you mean I have to work out regularly for my abs?

#7 Hair is doing discrimination

Why hair? Why? are you doing this with me.

#8 Adulthood’s goal


Exactly what I wanted to do.

#9 Adulthood is so exhausting

Maybe crying is easier.

#10 No money

Day 15 of salary and we’re all broke.

#11 It is my reward

What do you mean, I can’t eat cake if I want to be fit.

#12 Be hydrated

Yeah!!! and I’m going to sleep again.

#13 Money can buy ‘happiness’

Tell me if I’m wrong.