These Are The Small Details You Didn’t Notice As A Kid But Will Appreciate As An Adult.

The Child Inside You Never Dies.

There is a famous saying that the child inside you never dies and i guess to some extent this is true. The child inside us never dies even if we get older by age. The Shakespeare poem seven ages depicts the same. In the old age the person behaves the same like a 2 or 3 year old. The childhood marks the beginning of your adulthood. So if your childhood is awesome and full of memorable events then i guess your adulthood is also going to be awesome and what makes a childhood awesome are the things you learn each day.

If you ask me what made my childhood awesome, then my answer would be cartoons. I use to learn many things from them and trust me they made my childhood memorable. I still watch Shinchan sometimes. I use to notice everything they say or everything they do. But sometimes the artist makes some mistakes while producing the show. Having no knowledge of the creativity and mistakes we use to enjoy them with their mistakes too. But now when i look back and carefully notice the details, i appreciate myself for finding their flaws. Here at savage humans we bring you some of the details you probably have never noticed as a kid but now you are gonna appreciate yourself for it.

So scroll down with me to have some fun and to get amazed.

1. Remember the cartoon show Doug, In which Mr. and Mrs. Dink’s name was actually an acronym that stands for ‘Double Incomes and no kids’.

2. In an episode of the show The Magic School Bus, the mugshot number of Ms. Frizzle’s is same as that of Jean Valjean’s prisoner number in Les Miserables.

3. X- Men Evolution gave a very detailed tribute to the craft in it.

4. Remember the cartoon show Dexter’s Laboratory, Dexter’s older sibling name was Dee Dee which is actually pronounced as Didi in Hindi for elder sister.

5.  The show Tiny Toon Adventure’s first episode shows a cartoonist struggling to create a new animated series. He draws babs and buster in the start but later throw them in the trash. They work on it to create a show for it. Later in the episodes, babs and buster ask for a ‘created by’ credit. The request was at first rejected but they are actually attributed in the end credits.

6. In an episode of the show Rugrats, Tommy gets kidnapped by some criminals who mistakenly thought he was a kid of a millionaire named ‘Ronald Thump’. – a play on Donald trump.

7. In the same show Rugrat, you can see a door that has “mohel” written in hebrew on it. A Mohel is basically a person who performs a circumcision and also a sign below it advertises the cut rate.

8. During a scene of cleaning from the show Rocko’s Modern life, you can actually see the body of mickey mouse caught in a rat trap.

9. In the Famous series of Batman, Two face can be seen pouring half and half into his coffee.

10. In the same Batman series, the combined shadow of Robin and Batman form the bat symbol.

11. In an episode of The Powerpuff girls, Blossom falls into a pile of clothes and came out dressed like Cartman from south park.

12. In season 8 of the show The Simpsons, Homer hallucinates and Ms. Krabappel sounds like the teacher from charlie brown. About 10 episodes later, a charlie brown candle was spotted in Ms. Krabappel’s home.

13. In the background of the show The Dexter’s laboratory, you can see the powerpuff girls in their own new version.

14. In the show Ed, Edd n Eddy, you can actually spot the steel guitar in various backgrounds which eddy use to play in other episodes.

15. On the show Sponge Bob Square Pants, the krusty krab is actually shaped like a lobster trap.