Artist Depicts Everyday Struggles As A Woman, And Most Girls Can Relate To This (30 Pics)

I’m a woman, and I know a lot about being one, but judging by Crystal Row’s comics, the day-to-day life of being a woman is full of absurd moments, which makes it a great subject for comedy, or in the case of Crystal, the comics.

Even though Crystal is a successful woman in her professional life (she works as a senior editor at BuzzFeed), her everyday life is just like everyone else’s, full of minor misunderstandings and problems. So, she finds space in her comics at “that time of the month,” to talk about her relationships, mental health, and many other things that most women relate to.

But the comic isn’t just for women—I find it hilarious, and it also allows us to learn about feminine attitudes toward everyday life. good read!



Let’s Meet Crystal. So, she is a write who draws. And she want to share through her comics that, We all have to suffer so many dilemmas in life. Some have obstacles to work, some in the house, and some have so many fitness predicaments. Although no one in this world has unique quandaries, So there will always be someone who can correlate.



Crystal reveals that we are not alone and that everyone has so many good and bad days. With her comics, she tries to make you giggle and lighten up your day. The artist succeeds to make fun of so many challenging circumstances and herself, revealing that the dilemmas are not so important and earth-shattering as they might appear.

So, Cristal is Los Angeles-based artist and, she works as a senior editor at BuzzFeed. And she takes time out between her work to design her comics so hilariously . And her comic passion project is growing so slow but surely growing, and her work gained 20k followers on Instagram. So, I’m sure she will pursue her hobby full time And, she’ll get what she wants.