Demi Lovato Films Their First Ever Adult Scene

Demi Lovato is feeling “proud” after filming their first ever erotic scene for the upcoming sitcom Hungry.

They felt ‘a little anxiety’ at first, but soon realised how “proud” they were on themselves.

They star features alongside Valerie Bertinellli as a mother-daughter duo, with Lovato playing Teddy, a food stylist who is trying to have a healthy relationship with eating while dating.

“Had to film a erotic scene today. My first one! I had a little anxiety going into it but the cast and crew were so professional and easy to work with, it calmed me down immediately.

They had filmed their first ever scene on set, and spoke about how it had prompted them to reflect on their body confidence, she said in her Instagram post.

“I thought about how proud I am for being able to feel comfortable enough in my skin to do that. I rarely ever showed my arms before… now I’m in this!!

I don’t always feel good in my skin, so when I do, AND I feel sexy enough to post – I do just that! It’s important to celebrate the little wins.

Many fans praised Lovato’s bravery, also saying they looked ‘amazing’ in the photo posted alongside the update.

One commented: “We are so proud of you and we can’t wait for your new projects!!”

Someone else said: “AAAAAA LETS GO TEDDY.”

A third wrote: “I’m proud of you Demi really!!! You’re so beautiful!!!!”

Hungry will follow ‘a group of friends who belong to a food-issues group helping one another as they look for love, success and the perfect thing in the fridge that’s going to make it all better’.