Hilarious Ways That Tell You How to Deal When Faced With A Horror Movie Situation

Horror movies are always meant to scare the viewers. In fact, some of the scary movies may keep you up at whole night with an eye open if you have seen it right before bedtime. Do you know the movie becomes scariest if make yourself do dumb things? Rather than acting like a cardboard cut-out of a stereotype, behave like a normal human being. 

One can learn how to keep ourselves safe if something similar to a scary movie happens truly. For instance, if you heard a voice of a ghost asking you to play with them, instead of investigating where the voice is coming from, run as far as you can. In addition to it, following the steps mentioned can increase your chances to survive in a movie. 

Source: Behance

#1 Sleeping is a good idea

#2 Never split up

#3 A bumpy ride is better than hitting 

#4 Clothes can keep the villain away

#5 Never lock yourself

#6 One with a quirky girl

#7 Don’t try to be friendly

#8 Be nice to the weirdest kids

#9 Don’t look into the mirror and never turn behind

#10 Don’t punch 

#11 Always keep your phone fully charged

#12 Lock all the doors in the house