Dazzling Pictures Of Emma Watson To Make You Fall In Love With Her

We all know Emma since she was a kid, especially for her role in the “Harry Potter” series as Hermione Granger. Hermione was a strong, intelligent and lovely little girl and Emma is exactly the same in real life. Just like Hermione, Emma is a book lover and a geek to say so.

But let’s not forget Emma is not a kid anymore, she has grown up to be a beautiful young lady. She has got everything a girl, especially an actress could ask for. She is not only beautiful as an angel but quite intelligent and multi-talented too.

And here are some pictures of this lovely lady, to just admire her beauty and talent!

Let’s get scrolling!

Wanna have a chat?

Let’s talk about feminism today! Yeah, this is what these ladies did. And Emma was quite happy after the discussion. Emma posted this picture on her Instagram on Bell’s birthday, wishing her and thanking her for the great day.

Pretty woman!

Can’t get my eyes off from this beautiful lady. Can you?

Full of energy…

She doesn’t give you a hint of how busy and hectic her day had been. Despite being tired like hell, she graces any event with full energy.

That must be fun!

So here we have Emma Watson talking to the Prime Minister. They talked about gender inequality and the importance of bringing young people into politics.

Seemless style

Can you say that this girl has put in any efforts to look this good? She looks so natural all the time, that you can’t judge whether she tried hard to achieve the look or not.

The book project

Being an activist Emma comes up with various ideas. She came across an organization called “Books on the Underground”, which secretly plants books on public transports for the passerbys to find. So now she decided to to join and continue the effort.

Find the book if you can…

Emma has hidden yet another book at the tube today. Go and find it out if you can.

Her love for books

We can’t stop talking about Emma’s love for books. Because even she couldn’t stop talking about them. And looking at these pictures, I don’t think she should stop either.

Running with the wolves…

We know she is a book lover, and this is what happens to a book lover, they start living the story. And sometimes forget to come out from that world.

What else could you ask for?

Look at all of them together, can’t take my eyes off now. They are just so cute and adorable. Those pups look so happy with Emma. And talking about Emma, what else could she ask for?

The perfect kiss of sun!

The sun seems to love Emma. Isn’t this a perfect sun-kissed selfie?

The touch of red!

The one with Marai on Red Carpet! Both looking amazing in the picture. Talking specifically about Emma the red lipstick gave her an amazing diva look.

Her eyes are enough

Emma is not talking now! Seems like that. But her eyes are enough to steal the converstaion. She is wearing almost no makeup but still somehow manages to look breathtaking.


So here is the reason why Emma is not talking. Reni is the author of “Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race”. And seems like Emma had a great time with her.

The innocence

Can you see that innocence literally dropping from her eyes? This beautiful lady is one of the most innocent people I have ever come across.

Let’s show off a little

Working out regularly and burning calories might sound easy, but we all know it’s not. And Emma works out religiously to maintain her perfectly toned body. So it’s quite fair to show off her muscles after all the hard work.

The cute lil’ kid

No doubt she is a beautiful young lady. But even as a kid she was a bank of cuteness. She was a lovely and super talented kid.

A sexy one

A sexy picture of Emma deserved to be there on the list. I got stuck at almost each of her pictures, but this one is like a show stopper.

What about this one?

I can’t help but stare. I wonder how Emma manages to look so good in every single picture. Not many can think of competing against her.

Stole the show

The whole show is already hers, especially after this picture. She doesn’t need to steal the show when the show is all hers. The way she poses and the easiness in her style makes everything even better.