Girl Illustrates Hilarious Comics On Her Life Dating An ‘IT guy’

Bonnie Pang, an artist from Hong Kong, has been going on popular on her new series ‘IT Guy & Art girl’. And to be frank, there are so many popular adorable romantic comics already from all over the world. Bonnie’s would just be another candy in the jar of sweets.

But to Bonnie’s surprise, her adorable style from the ‘Roar Street Journal’ which was published as a webtoon has made several people in love with her new romantic comics as well. And since she’s engaged and now married, this seems like the right time to just draw on the funny and adorable sides of her life.

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1. He knows da wey.

#2 Daily pet: checked.

3. She’s own that warm armchair.

4. Winter is coming! Or maybe, not…

5. Romantic attempt: choked.

‘IT Guy and Art Girl’ comics is one that is based on real-life experiences of Bonnie and her husband. Of course, she added a bit of exaggerations, but let’s be honest – these funny stories are just so relatable at times.

“I still keep a balance between comics and illustrations. I enjoy illustrating books and stuff, and these jobs generate most of my income,” says the creator.

6. Living with each other.

7. Imagine having two other similar versions of your bf:

8. He smells like roses now.

9. How to impress an art girl:

10. Honeymoon at IKEA.

11. We are there for each other.

12. How to celebrate Christmas.

13. Never gets enough sleep.



14. I said LIGHTER.

15. The human is doomed, but I still need to make money.

16. Ah, Sweden! OUCH.

17. Twin siblings? Nah. How about a TRIPLET?

18. Relationship: early stage.

19. Planning for a new home.

20. What a weird girl. But I love her.

21. Most couples.