28 Comics To Feed Your Dark Soul And They All Come With Unexpected Twists

There’s only one thing that could challenge dad jokes in the *meme-ternet* and, that is dark humor. So, we all crave the dark humor kind of fun, an many people fancy dark fun. It is like it feeds their dark soul. And. so we always expect a laugh from a large number of dark souls on the Internet, no matter how gloomy it gets.

The world appears in so many shades of dusk, and it can be a very shady place. So, this may reveal why this kind of humor is reflected humorously to some people. Because it throws light on a twisted world in which we breathe.

If you have a dark soul and you crave dark humor kind of fun, then you must read ÁVJAM Comics. So, a couple is behind the ÁVJAM Comics. And they have published a set of dark humor web-comics for all of us. So, be ready to fall into. Moreover, They drew comics about irritating travelers aback when they were serving as consumer assistance in tourism. So, you can check out their pictures on Ko-Fi, Instagram, and Facebook.

So, you can find this remarkable series as *Dark Lines*, and after reading this one you will crave more. Therefore, we suggest you to read it once and we sure it will absolutely feed you with dark entertainment. This couple, unquestionably clutching out their gag spirits in these masterpieces.


1. Yep, some people must have hit their heads when they were babies because of the things they say as an adult.


2. These conspiracy theorists with their genius explanations about a worldwide phenomenon.


3. Playing the reverse card with the devil


4. Who does that?


5. In the middle of the night, when the wolves come out...


6. Just another day with the Alice In The Wonderland Syndrome.


7. Early Internet Ages


8. Are you preparing for an x-ray or an explosion?


9. Not the one you expected, but it killed you anyway.


10. What needs to be done


11. Well, you asked for it!


12. Looking for hot shingles?


13. Here's the Jack we've all been waiting for!


14. He was right


15. That's why you should ALWAYS bring reusable bags from now on!


16. Just that one dude farting his way up to keep himself upright


17. The horror!


18. This why you need to be specific with everything!


19. Another Jack in the house


20. Ds


21. The yeast best


22. Mug problems


23. Another one from the Ripper family


24. From a wonderland, indeed.


25. Tricky Dicky


26. You asked for it, the universe delivered.


27. Trying to compensate...


28. Tiny hands