20 Dark Humor Comics With Suspenseful Endings You Won’t Expect

In life, we ​​have seen that nothing is fixed, anything good or bad can happen at any time but no one is suddenly ready for the bad news. But on the contrary, this amazing artist keeps on giving many twists to his fans through his comics and these comics sometimes end with a bad ending. But this bad ending is not for the audience but the characters in the comics. These comics are enjoyable and give a lot of entertainment to people. Scroll down and enjoy.

Tony, the artist we are talking about, stated in a talk that when he first thought of sketching comics in 2016 he intended to start a YouTube channel but due to his poor drawing skills he had to drop that idea. He added that when he saw Alex Dempsey’s comic Rosiana Rabbit, he realized that creating a comic book is easy and since then he is ruling over his work.

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#1 Sometimes all you need to do is take a step back and relax.

#2 This is giving me a bad case of the creeps.

#3 When you feel like you’re about to have a heart attack, it’s typically because you’re in love

#4 The internet is an odd place to be.

#5 We all have multiple personalities

#6 It must be difficult to tell which of the two is the clone.

#7 I can attest to the fact that this is always the case.

#8 Did you also read it in ‘THE’ voice?

#9 He’d been anticipating that moment for a long time.

#10 When it comes to love, you sometimes have to leap of faith.

#11 She should have been more specific.

#12 To be honest, that cake does appear to be delectable.

#13 Along with their teeth, the cliche of the first kiss goes down the drain

#14 Even ghosts are entitled to privacy.

#15 Demons aren’t formed of gold or silver.

#16 I understand why he requires the book.

#17 At some point in our lives, we all ask ourselves that question.

#18 He’s well aware that he’s made a mistake.

#19 Is it even necessary for me to know?

#20 She is now bereft of hope.