29 Hilarious Comics for Dark Humor Lovers by Pierre Mortel

Dark comedy is a tough nut to crack. It has always been considered a tricky genre. The trickiest part about this particular genre is to keep it fun. Because there is a very fine line between it being quite funny or very offensive. It is a light-hearted way to discuss topics that will be pretty hard to discuss directly.
Dark comedy is where generally objectionable issues and situations, are used in a satirical tone.
Pierre Mortel is an artist based in the French countryside whose unique way of presenting dark comedy is hilarious. He creates cartoons, animation, and wholesome comics.Not everyone is a fan of dark humor. It could also be considered as an acquired taste. But Mortel’s way of illustrating can make everyone chuckle.

Mortel has always enjoyed drawing but he wasn’t very good with it at first. So he started focusing more on creating stories.
He always manages to turn bitter or sorrowful situations into something joyful with a twist of never down-meaning humor. The artist has created many comics on various topics like Halloween, lockdown, and social issues.
The comics on lockdown are so relatable and hilarious. Mortal says he tried to put his comic characters in the same situation as us. Which helped him replace his anxiety with creativity.
He has constructed a universe called Sad city in his comics and has a famous character named “Sad boy”. It is a weird place, where everything bizarre is normal. There are giant ducks, imposters, and people selling used bananas. This is a big metropolis city near the Gates of hell and also has its own subway station.

Pierre Mortel has more than 18k followers on Instagram. Scroll down and enjoy the best picks from Pierre mortel’s work.