30 Funny And Humorous Comics For Dark Humor Lovers By Dave Blazek


We are going to introduce you to the wonderful cartoonist. Dave Blazek, the great comedian of the New Yorker and the master of single panels comics. This talented artist Dave Blazek has been a longtime player in the comics world and has been influencing people by creating comics for many years. The artist has also won many awards for his excellent work and among them is also the National Cartoon Society’s Reuben Award.  We would like to tell you that the Reuben Award is the one that has also been compared to the Oscars of the cartoonist world. The comics of this artist are very funny, due to which these comics leave a unique effect in the minds of the people. His comics are also getting a lot of praise and love from the people. We hope that after seeing their comics, you also become a fan of his artwork.

The Lost parts comic of artist Dave Blazek is very hilarious, oddly intelligent, and oddly entertaining. You will also see a lot of dark comedies in this comic and it is full of humor. This artist believes in creating his comics in the old newspaper style. Artist dave also has syndication experience for The New Yorker and several other major magazines. It is because of this experience that their quality becomes so great. Artist Dave’s also has 6.9k followers on Instagram who love their artwork.





































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