35 Comics From The “Good Bear Comics” That Your Twisted Mind Will Enjoy

Dark humor is a type of best humor in which you will find the elements of comedy and tragedy. Often sad or sick satire also comes in the eyes of people in dark humor and they get to see it. Dark humor is a type of comedy that is purely personal or social. It deals with things that remain serious or unpleasant. In dark humor, jokes are related to depressing topics and cause sadness, so people like it very much. But we all also know that many people do not like dark humor.

We bet that no one does it better than only James, the creator of dark humor Good Bear Comics. This artist makes these dark jokes more fun with their talent and unique style. It is also a showcase of the artist’s unique creativity. That’s why we’ve gathered the best comics for you from the collection of this artist James that you’ll love. Below are the best dark humor comics for dark humor comic lovers. So let scroll down and see all of these amazing comics. You can follow James on Facebook Twitter Instagram Reddit

#1 He deserved it!

#2 Oh, God…

#3 This is so funny.

#4 Aww, poor doggo.

#5 Uh-oh…

#6 Fancy machinery.

#7 That was clever.