Artist Created Dark Humor Comics With Unexpected Endings (30 Pics)

If you feel that your day is going a little too boring and everything feels just too beige and basic, then there is only one thing that can save your day. Yes, you are getting it right that is dark humor. And if you enjoy your jokes with a bit of sarcasm, then we have something dark for you. and we are sure that will definitely save your day.

So, meet up-and-coming Russian artist Dmitri Piankov. Dmitri was a stand-up comedian for years, and then he started posting comics on his Instagram account. His comic characters and the situations he illustrated are so familiar and relatable. So, if we talk about the endings, they are full of unpredictably surprising twists.

Even though his comics look superficial, it often takes the artist 4 to 6 hours to finish one comic. And that is because Dmitri approaches sketching with responsibility. The artist couldn’t select any choices out of the ones he’s done so responsibly. Perhaps because it’s hard to stay impartial about your own creation.

So, artist Dmitri just wants to make drawings and comics and make people happy, and he is going to publish his own book soon, and we hope that it will be a blast.

We have compiled his latest comic series which is so dark, scroll down & have a look. Enjoy!

More info: Instagram


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