30 Dark Comics With Twisted Endings By SpaceBoyCantLol

Nowadays, comics are the best way of expressing thoughts and opinions in a hilarious way that people around the world can have a quick laugh at. However, a artist from India brought something new to the table. The comic strips ‘SpaceBoyCantLol’ challenge both logic and reality with irrelevant situations that often end in twists that are never seen coming. Most of the people love his comics as his comic range from light-hearted to hilarious to dark twists. If you love superheroes and pop culture, Mohit strips are perfect for you.

Artist Mohit Srivastava from India fell in love with comics when he was a kid.

Mohit currently has 40.5k followers on Instagram.

Source- Instagram


“My parents tell me that once I found a few comic books as a kid and I fell in love with them. So other kids at my age were learning to read fairy tales and I was here, running around with my cousins, graphic novels, just to look at pictures since the advanced English used in those didn’t make any sense to me. Growing up, I would just draw comics on every piece of empty paper that I could find in the house and even at the end of test papers in school. That way, I have attracted a lot of detention but I have no regrets. Currently, I am working as a creative lead in a US-based company. But my job is not entirely about comics so I keep the love for comics alive through my social media page”.


Mohit says his younger sister pushed him to create a comic page and he went through with the idea.


“He is an astrophile, so when he was creating his comic page, he wanted that side of him to come out. So he called it ‘spaceboy can’t lol’ because he thought spaceboy would represent him and he would draw comics about funny situations in his life where he is at the receiving end. He did that for some time but slowly realized that there is much more that he want to do, like movie spoofs and dark humor. He now realize that his comic portfolio has turned out to be a mix of everything, with just a single filter—Filters don’t exist.”