30 Dark Comics For Social Awkward People By Portuguese Geese

Artist Portuguese Geese has been drawing comics since he was 5 years old and started doing webcomics in 2015. He says, one comic takes 2-4 hours to illustrate. 90% of his work is based on personal experience, mostly awkward ones. “My goals are to eventually publish a collection of my comics in a book and eventually I plan to make a full length comic book based on a super hero I created when I was 9.”

Many people love their own company rather than spending time with others and specially on weekends they enjoy friday night in pajamas, eating pizza and watching Netflix than dancing in a club and believe me it’s not boring to enjoy with ourself.

The frisky webcomics mostly revolve around one socialy awkward guy who always choose the worst words for conversation. His everyday struggles include friendships, love life and other things that many socialy awkward people will relate to. These types of people literally enjoy their own time and you can’t guess the activities that go inside their mind, as well as daily interactions are difficult too. Portuguese Geese artist has been drawing comics on socialy awkward situations. Scroll down and check his 30 best artworks.

Source:- Instagram

#1 Need to do something

#2 It’s really a solution

#3 Best hot spots ever!

#4 Need it!

#5 ohh! It’s misunderstanding