The 6 dark and gloomy stories of an artist Illustration about what is wrong with the world today

Edmar Vieira is a very talented illustrator artist. He has gained a lot of publicity with his famous artwork ‘The Choice’. The title has received a lot of love and attention from people. He has put more emphasis on the problem of the planet in his comics. We must pay attention to this famous artwork of his. Different people can express their opinion by seeing this artwork of his. This artist has also mentioned the increasing problems on our earth in a very different style and he has told us without writing anything through illustrations, those people can easily understand. One of his pictures has recently come about the epidemic and tells how the pandemic has ruined people.

He also tells how he started doing his research on comics earlier this year but he was in lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic and he wasted a lot of time. She could not even do research, he want to discuss more topics but didn’t get a chance. You can see his illustrations by scrolling down and follow him on Instagram for more information.