The Artist Tells A Heartbreaking Story About The Damage Caused By His 12 Illustrations

One who has taken birth in the world is sure to die. But still, we are very sad about the death of one of our loved ones. This shows that in reality, we do not understand this statement completely. The Philadelphia-based artist has decided to create a gorgeous picture by imagining what happens to us when we lose our loved ones.

The name of this amazing artist is Tom Booth who is also the writer and art director. His amazing ideas got a lot of praise from the fans. His “It’s Christmas,” “Day on the Beach,” and “Don’t scold!” are very popular and received a lot of praise from people and were used by the artist. He liked to endeavor earthy and sorrowful drawings that can make anyone emotional.

In his new artwork, he has shown the story of a woodcutter who has refused to love anyone. He used to carve his memories of love into the wood so that he can relive those. He also wanted to preserve them alive till the end of his days.













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