10 Cutesy Looking Dark Humor Comics That Are Too Twisted


We all love surprises and there’s nothing better than expecting something nice and then finding out that it’s terrible. Many people will now say that they do not like it at all but still we have decided to show you this today. You might be thinking that it is because of the cute style of the wonderful comics artist but let us tell you that there is raining of dark humor in these comics.

We also believe that there is not so much humor in it but there is a lot of darkness behind the art of these comics. Shahzad is behind the art of these comics and he keeps on preparing the scripts of such comics regularly. Shahzad has an amazing art of narrating the whole story through a single panel. Talented artist Shahzad has over 50,000 followers on Instagram and he sells his artwork in the form of printed t-shirts to his fans. You can also get a hard copy of his artwork from their website. He has a great and unique style and unlike other artists, he is the only one who uses it. This wonderful style of his artwork makes him more impressive than other artists.

Source- Instagram Website

#1 A little bit of face juice adds the kick that lemonade needs.

#2 No need for a bath when you can just squeeze yourself into the washing machine.

#3 That is one way to do that magic trick although it would get very messy pretty quickly

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#4 She at least has the decency to ask beforehand and not just steal someone’s eyes.

#5 She should have created haggis with those intestines rather than eating it raw.

#6 I always love opening new candies and this looks extra sweet.

#7 Well, he didn’t torture that boy and put him under anesthesia so I say he is very kind!!

#8 I always hated that trick! This is something I would like to do.

#9 We do this to ice cream so why wouldn’t they do the same to us? Although I feel bad for the one who lost their human on the ground.

#10 Cats just love to play with their food sometimes!!



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