30 Cute Buni Comics With Unexpected Endings By Ryan Pagelow

Today we bring you some unexpectedly cute comics that will surely make your day. But wait, the comics you will see here are utterly lovely, but they might seem cute at first, but not so cute until you reach the twisted ending you did not see coming.

Meet Ryan Pagelow, an artist from Chicago. Also, he has been designing adorable Buni comics since 2009. But do not fool yourself with the innocent appearance of his comic. His comic series is cute, but the ends are full of funny dark twists.

Also, the Buni comic is mainly wordless. The whole comic rely on images to tell his story, which is quite glum, twisted, and hilarious at the same time. So, the comic is about the character Buni and his terrible luck. And, he usually does not understand the cute but not so cute world he lives in, which is usually out to get him.

In the cruel world, with every step he takes, he gets evolved. So, he has grown into a surreal world of many surprising characters. Like – animals, ghosts, teddy bears, cupcakes, unicorns and zombies, everyday objects, and foods. And, so all these come to life in silly, funny, and sometimes heartbreaking situations.

It is quite surprising when someone always comes back with a dose of darker humor to lighten your days. Isn’t it Ironic? Because You never know if the comic will break your soul, fill it with zeal, or will make you laugh, so grab a chance to find out. So, scroll down and have a look!

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The imaginative mind behind these comics, Ryan Pagelow, has been illustrating comics for most of his life. Therefore, he has built a fandom over the years. And his cute but not so cute comic series gained him 653k followers on Instagram and over 89k followers on Facebook.