25 Cursed Products You Never Knew Existed


Internet is full of really strange things, things that we did not know, and this fact is not sponsored at all. If you also want to get Heely Crocs, then we are not going to stop you at all. But we will not ask you to do this at all, you have many other options to spend your money. We trust you that you will not waste your money by bidding on a custom-made high hill shoe toilet and don’t do any weird thing like that. We are presenting the 25 best creations below, which will entertain you. And you’ll be happy to see them and say ‘Of course it’s a thing’. So scroll down and enjoy them.

#1 Hamburger Dinner

#2 The Beer Bat (How do you drink from this??)

#3 Hmmm

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#4Lightning McQueen Heely Crocs

#5 Pickle Toothpaste 

#6 Vent Cover Golf

#7 Spin The Bottle: Pro Version

#8 Are These Pillows??

#9 Watch Your Back

#10 I’d Buy It

#11 Finally!!

#12 This Helmet…

#13 Cube Eggs Dreams Come True

#14 Oh No 

#15 The Live Fish Purse

#16 Seat Savers

#17 Drinking from the Bottle with Extra Step

#18 Murica

#19 DaGame

#20 Gone with the Wind Manga Series

#21 A Custom Toilet

#22 The Hot Dog Couch

#23 Chicken Holder

#24 A Japanese Pen With Live Parasitic Worms

#25 The Chair you can wear



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