15 Funny Comics By An Illustrator Portray Variations In Culture Among Various Countries

We all love to travel and it is the best way to refresh and energize our minds. Those who like to travel love the stories of traveling which is quite an ideal leisure activity. Unlike other musicians, Malachi Ray Rempen is an impressive and talented artist whose work has impressed fans all over. The style of Malachi Ray is very distinctive as compared to others.

He directly connects with people through his artwork and many of Ray’s fans wait for his comics. This amazing artist keeps on passing on this passion of knowledge and experience from his travels in “Itchy Feet Comic”. Real art is the art of reinventing the experience you get through your journey through a comic and Malachi Ray is perfectly capable of delivering it.

He continues to do his artwork as well regardless of how many locals recognize him. You can scroll down to see his amazing artwork pictures and also follow him on social media platforms like Instagram Facebook Website for more information.
















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