Artist Creates Creepy Comics That Have Twisted Endings

Stories, especially comics, with unexpected endings are always lovable. The writer Ehud Lavaski with an illustrator Yael Nathan thought to create their own stories with some unpredicted endings to creepy comics. Each of the short cartoons created displays a different world. 

The ideas for such creepy comics come either from dreams, nightmares, or appear fully formed. The artists have presented three of their famous stories that are nothing like less than fairy tales. Look at the list of some of these bizarre comics and praise a great job done by the artists.

source: El Comics

#1 A wicked man

#2 Some thugs stumble an old man, but he did not have any money. 

#3 After reaching home, he started looking at something. 

#4 He finds a book and a knife. 

#5 He came across an old friend

#6 The friend said hurt them and game over.

#7 Inside

#8 A customer asked why put something that’s not for sale in the store.

#9 He picked a book.

#10 He started looking inside the book.

#11 The store owner escaped.

#12 The beast came out of the book.

#13 Fertile

#14 A couple going on a trip.

#15 They had to get away from fields.

#16 Strangers are not welcome there.

#17 They get in trouble but thankfully get saved.