These Art Reveals The Sides To The Stories That Inspired Famous Disney Movies


I was always fond of this beautiful character Rapunzel and do like the original story of Rapunzel because it’s got a bit of ageless flair to it. First of all, in the original story, Rapunzel ends up being impregnated during one of the prince’s visits.

Sadly, Rapunzel lets it slip about his nighttime visits, and the enchantress cuts off her long, golden locks, sends the young lady packing, and lays in wait for the prince’s return.

Once he starts to climb her hair, he realizes that it is actually the enchantress and falls from the tower, gouging his eyes out on the thorns below. It all ends up being okay after he finds Rapunzel and their twins after a few years of blind wandering and his beloved’s tears somehow heal his eyes. Still, not quite the story we know today.

I know they’ve got a lot of live-action movies on their plates, but maybe somewhere along the line, Disney can put out a really dark version of one of their animated classics. A horrifying Little Mermaid perhaps? Probably won’t happen due to its non-kid-friendly nature, but a fangirl can dream.

Written by Keanu

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