50 Creative Logos That Use Negative Space brilliently


Have you ever seen those negative spaces between the characters of some logos? Yes, so those are known as negative spaces. Moreover, in art and design, the negative space is the background space between the characters of an image. So, there are not only negative spaces but positive spaces too.

For example, if there is the logo of some tree and sky, the space that covers the tree part is the positive space, and the space that covers the sky and the area between the branches is the negative space.

So, the positive thing about the negative space is that you can use it positively. You can use negative spaces so creatively to form thrilling visuals. Moreover, you can use it to show dual and hidden images that represent the actual meaning of the logo. And, so it can be possible with the duotone means two-color illustrations, where your subject will form a silhouette against the background.

So, maybe this sounds hard to believe, but some artists made it possible and did it so creatively. So, let’s meet those geniuses. Meet Noma Bar and Tang Yau Hoong, and these artists are the masters of the art of negative spaces.

So, we have compiled 50 brand logos that show the creative use of negative space. Moreover, these negative spaces represent the visual representation of the brand, and some show the nature of the brand. Here, so go scroll down till the last picture and have a look.



So, you see those batman eyes and the space between eyes and the character M creates the batman upper face.
















So, in the picture the leg and hand enclosure forms the map of Australia.








So, you can a plug, a socket and E in the middle.



So, there is a blade in character A.


So, here you can see clearly a bird and if you see carefully then there are eyes in the wings, that’s your lion.


So, in this picture, you can see two martini glasses and the space between the glasses creates a house shape.




So, you see those C’s in both spellings, those creates the cool black cat eyes.











So, there is a hidden bed in the picture.


So, here you can see a fish and cat, and both are happy.




So, if you see this picture carefully, you’ll see 8 fish. 4 yellow fish and 4 background color fish.









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