14 Hilarious Comics About The Crazy and Uncomfortable Life of a Bi-girl

Eirinnske Comics describes a green-hired girl, who is completely socially inept. She keeps reminiscing about her past in the comic and creates some short stories. When detailing her comic, she takes inspiration from her personal experience and desire. She boosts her morale with the help of her old memories and inspires herself to move forward. She also shared how strongly she wanted to have a dog in her childhood. Eirinnske explains how she attracted her peers and draws them. Eirinnske also describes how she crushed her high school before stopping for a couple of years. In Eirinnske Comics you will find 14 different stories of this green-haired girl, and these stories are really hilarious and crazy. You will definitely love all of these.

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#1 Are You Serious??

#2 Why “Q” is there in LGBTQ?

#3 Is this for Real??

#4 Who did this to you??

#5 What’s the point??

#6 Here we are Pun Police!!

#7 Why would you even try:(!!

#8 What are you staring at??

#9 Please don’t go!!

#10 I love Texting!!!

#11 Oh! Poor Kitty.

#12 Shampoo For Men!!

#13 My Best Friend!!

#14 I wish I could meet someone!!

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