Egyptian Artist Gracefully Draws A Couple’s Love That Everyone Can Feel

Love has no boundary, meaning, logic, or sense. But it gives meaning to the world, nothing is more important than love in the world. Not only for humans but for all the species and races of the world. It is the most powerful weapon in the world, there will be no war if we use love as a weapon.

It only takes “I Love You”, no ‘If’ and no ‘But’. These 3 words are too powerful, they can change anyone’s anger and sadness into happiness and love. These words are enough to show your true feelings and love for the person.

Love can be expressed in different languages and many ways like by action or words. The Egyptian artist Muhammedsalah’s way of showing love is painting. His paintings are so beautiful and graceful. So let’s go and check them all.


1. Rhythm of love


2. Your love is all that I need to conquer the world


3. Love the boy who helps you in growing


4. Hug while you can


5. One hug and the lights go out


6. I don’t want to live in a life that doesn’t have you in it


7. You make me complete


8. Time doesn’t matter love is forever


9. Sometimes a hug is all you need


10. I’ll never finish falling in love with you


11. You are my happy place


12. Your kisses heal my soul


13. God is keeping me alive, but you keep me in love


14. All of me loves all of you


15. I can never be close enough to you


16. All I want is a hug and kisses from you


17. A hug is like a boomerang – you get it back right away.


18. I just want to be yours


19.  Your one hug removes all my tiredness