Top 5 Cosplays Who have Astonished Us With Their Marvel and Disney Characters

Disney has also introduced live-action movies for cartoon Disney characters. Among those cartoon movies, Halle Bailey was supposed to play the role of Ariel in the remake of The Little Mermaid. With this news, fans became absolutely mad and they started surfing over the internet. However, this is a kind of phenomenal art that is loved by Disney fans.

Whenever we listen to the word Disney, it seems like everything is magical all around. Also, it seems like highlighting the incredible diversity. Have you ever thought of how awesome it would be when you see Disney characters cosplayed by BIPOC?

However, the character to be played by cosplayers is entirely phenomenal. Do you think are they still getting the attention that they desire? If you get it difficult to find such cosplays don’t worry as here we have gathered a list for the top 5.

#1 Here comes Krystal/ MissKrissKosplay who has played recurring cosplays as Spiderman.

Her costumes are absolutely rocking

Krystal says she has been cosplaying for a short time and it is very exciting and fun.

She has always done a great job in whatever cosplays she rolled.

#2 Anarkee- a famous YouTube Cosplayer, VLogger, and a beauty extraordinaire.

She finds the cosplay as fun and inspiring

This is something that she has always wanted

#3 BVI Mermaid- a Caribbean Cosplayer

She has multiple mind-blowing cosplays and never unevaluated Disney Universe Characters

This is mind-blowing

#4 Dr. Cosplay

She is full-time MD but also chose to be a part-time Cosplayer

Fans reactions are priceless and overwhelming

She generally does not consider herself a big cosplayer.

Absolutely Amazing

#5 Parker


Everything she does is something very appreciable