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France Based Cosplayer Turn Herself Into Every Single Disney Character Flawlessly

For lots of people, Cosplay can be a fun activity for downtime or just a great, creative hobby that helps people enjoy and celebrate all the characters out there they love.

Over the last couple of decades we have seen some seriously stunning, creative, and unique cosplayers that we’ve enjoyed sharing with you but these days we are totally obsessed with Nikita.

The French cosplayer has been doing her work since 2006 and is an expert in both sewing and performing. Her Disney Cosplay is without a doubt some of the most incredible we’ve ever seen and we are so excited to share some of her amazing work with you today.

Source: Facebook | Instagram

I thought it was the perfect hobby for me because it mixes 3 of my passions:

-craftsmanship (I was already in an artistic section at High School)

– japanese and western geek/popculture (I was reading mangas, watching anime, playing videogames and fan of sci-fi and fantasy movies and series)

-stage performance (I practiced ballet and modern danse for 14 years)

After winning multiple awards for her work, she now is able to use her skills and experience in broad ways within the cosplay community:

“I am often invited to be a guest in conventions all over the europe and the world. I’m often a guest as a judge or as a performer. I love to meet cosplayers from all over the world, it’s amazing to see how much you can learn from them and enjoy the same passion together.”


While we are excited to highlight her Disney cosplay, that’s definitely not all she does:

“I have now about 100 costumes from very different inspirations! Cute or sexy, popular or unknown, from eastern to western, from princesses to warriors… I love to change of personality.”

Her costumes are truly one if a kind, too:

“I make all my costumes myself! The technical challenge is one of my favorite part in cosplay as well as the challenge of acting different.”

In fact, Nikita is so dedicated to her original costume designs she gained the skills to make her own stunning wedding dress!

The 31-year old is also a costume designer for children.

She currently lives in Normandie.

She’s also an author! On her Facebook page she shares:

In 2017, I wrote a book about Cosplay for begginners, It’s only available in french (my editor owns the rights for the translation) but don’t worry, more is coming soon.

The dedication involved in each cosplay, each performance, and each photoshoot is obvious every time.

And her enthusiastic support of everyone who she works with is precisely the sort of thing every artist needs. She never hesitates to make sure that everyone involved in the creative process is highlighted for their contribution, whether they helped make a wig, do make up, are cosplaying alongside her, or took the photos: she’s lifting them up, too!

She also regularly shows behind-the-scene bits to highlight the magic behind the final product: it’s not always what you might think! Trying to dance in very specific positions in heels on a crooked road might produce stunning, aesthetically pleasing photographs, but it’s hard work, too!

Some of the best sights you’ll see by following her on social media are the stories told in a series of photos, like this Cinderella ball gown transformation? Amazing.


Nikita totally digs a Princess (or Queen) cosplay but she also rocks live-action characters, anime character, and original, one-of-a-kind characters, too!

Of her original designs, she has said:

“As I said, I also like the stage and entertaining the audience so I do my best to offer good and original skits. I also make some original designs costume because I like to be the designer of my own character.”

Looking through her work and seeing her personality shine through, it’s impossible not to totally adore her and her work, but it’s also easy to admire her passion and respect for the community. We can’t wait to see what the next decade has in store for this incredible artist!


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