France Based Cosplayer Turn Herself Into Every Single Disney Character Flawlessly

For lots of people, Cosplay can be a fun activity for downtime or just a great, creative hobby that helps people enjoy and celebrate all the characters out there they love.

Over the last couple of decades we have seen some seriously stunning, creative, and unique cosplayers that we’ve enjoyed sharing with you but these days we are totally obsessed with Nikita.

The French cosplayer has been doing her work since 2006 and is an expert in both sewing and performing. Her Disney Cosplay is without a doubt some of the most incredible we’ve ever seen and we are so excited to share some of her amazing work with you today.

Source: Facebook | Instagram

I thought it was the perfect hobby for me because it mixes 3 of my passions:

-craftsmanship (I was already in an artistic section at High School)

– japanese and western geek/popculture (I was reading mangas, watching anime, playing videogames and fan of sci-fi and fantasy movies and series)

-stage performance (I practiced ballet and modern danse for 14 years)

After winning multiple awards for her work, she now is able to use her skills and experience in broad ways within the cosplay community: