Cosmic Dirtbag 5 Twisted Stories With Dark Endings That Will Give You Chills

The popular webcomic ‘Cosmic Dirtbag’ was created by Mike Granny, a popular cartoonist, and writer. He put all his mind and effort into his creation. It was launched in 2020 when people had a lot of stress from the pandemic. The purpose of launching it was to reduce the tension of pandemics and create good vibes among them. He created animated content for his clients, such as the Malthouse theater company. He also wrote and voice-acted for Nickelodeon and his animated series ‘Warmholes’ was selected for presentation in Asian Animation Submit in 2017.

All you can find out about Mike’s creativity is that this Australia’s talented animator uses humor and melancholy to explore human relationships and their despair. Mike has shared 90 photos on Instagram so far and he has got more than 19k followers. His five feature stories like the tale of The Ferryman will make you cry or chill. It’s definitely worth watching. So get ready as all our curiosity is going to end now.

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#1 Explorers search for a mythical well

#2 Mike seeks a new perspective

#3 A person explains their stockpile


#4 A wounded soldier sends a final massive


#5 Mike experiments with gene splicing