Cool Secrets In Disney Movies That You Probably Never Noticed

You may have seen Disney movies several times. However, you might have never observed the hidden secrets that you are going to see in this post. It is found that animators at studios had fun introducing details in their movies. It takes years to create the art for a single character in Disney stories. Whether it is about the octopus in Finding Dory, a remake of Toy Story, coconut painted like Baymax, or others, the storytellers and animators are dedicated to adding details to these Disney movies. 

Thanks to the attention and effort put in by Disney storytellers that we can take a moment to appreciate all these little details. Dozens of hidden gems are waiting to get observed, and you can see such wonderful magic only in Disney movies. Scroll down to notice such details that will surely surprise you and even can enhance your love for Disney movies. 

Judy’s iPod

Proposal by Aladdin

Cogswoth’s mustache crooked

Naught as HECK

One Powerful Potion

Shoutout to Zootopia

Maximum effort in Toy Story 2

Baymax Cameo

Ship descending into the ocean

Monster’s Inc

City growing in the background

Clever villager

Jacques with the cleanest bag

Disney theme park


Development of character

Childhood memento

Erie takeover



Frozen Disclaimer

Sid- the garbage man in Toy Story 3

Toy Story 2