14 Dark Comics With Sarcastic And Unexpected Twists

Comics are a great way to visualize written letters as pictures. Only a true artist can give even the most difficult event in the form of comics in a funny way through his art. But we also know this fact very well that twisted comics coming out of the dark are also very attractive, people eagerly wait for the suspense. Artist has created a rage on the internet world through these webcomics. Instead of the ’80s ’90s, nowadays the demand for the artist for a webcomic is also big. Most of the comics below are hilarious and entertaining at the same time. Ryan Kramer has made all these comics and his work is great internet material. The dark panel compiled like this needs to get a place in the comic panels.

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#1 He’s like a plant at this point.

#2 Bad publicity is still publicity!!

#3 We’ll that cracked it for him.

#4 In a way, he helped him!

#5 Nobody saw that coming.

#6 It’s a skip day for the bed!!

#7 Every boss Ever!!

#8 At least he had his day made for a second.

#9 Who is the victim here??

#10 If it is not on the internet, it doesn’t exist.

#11 That poor tree.

#12 The future is neigh!!

#13 Be careful what you wish for!!

#14 Never gonna give you up but always gonna let you go…