Artist Illustrates 10+ Comics for People Who Love Dark Twists

Do you ever think that our world’s weird contradictions can become someone’s inspiration, we can’t resist. Artist Denise Paine, an award winning comic artist, an ex-spy and a tired executive, she does not have plans of holding back. When observing via artworks of the wannabe rodeo queen, you will surely consider that some of her insights are downright hilarious while some of them are equally intresting or probably awful.

Paine uses her sense of humor and mix it with her artistic skills to deliver messages to make people think deeply. Her unique illustration style had right captured the secret life of dogs, but her newly published represent the harsh realities of our modern society. We have collected some of her best artwork and undoubtedly there is a story behind every single image.

Source:- Instagram

#1 Put Down The Video Game

#2 Bob?

#3 Are You Thinking?

#4 For Your Service

#5 The ‘M’ Is Silent