30 Funny Comics Shows The Struggle Of A Mother To Raise A Child

A artist from Moldova, Inna Sacali shared her illustrations and let us know about the reality of motherhood. A mother has to go through this journey by herself. Each of us are aware about the struggles of being a mother and we are agree that parenting is amazing but stressful too as it change parent’s life forever. But the honest part is many of us are not aware about all the discomfort and sleepless nights of a mother. Although some stories shared revealed parenting has its good, and obviously, it’s a relatively less phrase. Artist Inna through her recently released comics, perfectly features that raising kids is not an easy job.

Artist shared the untold part of motherhood using her each day’s struggle with her husband and son. From fatigue, mind battles, relationship struggles, anger, shenanigans to unsuspected affairs. Artist Inna’s comics can be found correlated. If you are planning of being a mother or thinking about to have atleast one child in the nearest future, Artist Inna’s honest artwork hinged on parenting is a must- read- it’s perfectly for an insight. She has her precious family and see the struggles of parenting.

Source:- Instagram

#1 My precious

#2 Love yourself!

#3 Son superabilities

#4 Why is he crying?

#5 Chatting with the husband