10+ Deep Meaning Comics Illustrated By An Artist

There are various kinds of people in our life. Some are toxic and some are full of positivity. Even in the relationships some weirdest couple together like- Cola and Mentos, Flowers and Honeybees. I can mention some better examples over there but you see- not everything is perfect. We don’t know what is going on in other’s life. We all face many kinds of excuses, troubles in our live but everything is temporary whether it’s happiness or trouble. People throw lemons on us but it’s totally depend on us how we tolerate these creepy things. We can waste our time in such rubbish things or we can go through with them with positivity and presence of mind. We thought they were lemons but in reality, there are always apples, watermelons and other happy things if we understand, notice them and being thankful towards them. If we take some time to get rid of these horrible stuffs and appreciate the things which we have then might be we are able to become a better person.

Venezuela artist Maria Guadarram, current living in Santiago, Chile, represents the sad reality of the things that have gone in her hometown. She said, “It makes me feel hopeless and frustrated, especially when I think of my parents who are still living there.” “When I was in Venezuela, I worked for one of the most important newspapers there. But since the people who owned the newspaper were from the government, they were precise about the subjects I was allowed to draw. I couldn’t draw about politics or migration or economy,” told by an Artist.

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With good decisions, patience and understanding we can achieve anything.