30 Comics Artist Made To Show The Reality Of *Working From Home* Situations


We people have been working from home since the pandemic. And this is exhausting. And there is a designer from San Francisco who is also working from home and is really exhausted. Working from home, or should I say working from the couch? So, this designer started drawing the working from home situations and posted them on his Instagram. Also,  I am sure these drawings will help you to cope with your anxiety. And it will mangle some mist off your mind. Because these drawings are so creatively wonderful and very much relatable.

Moreover, In these drawings, you can dig prayers, challenges, and stupidities that we have to deal with while working from home.

Though remote work is more suitable and safe, the line between life and work becomes increasingly clouded. And, if I talk about me, being a person who works from home feels like working from your house all the time feels very lonesome. It is like you are entrapped on a desolate isle just staring at the computer screen all day until your eyes pop out. Also, I miss human interaction the most.

So, this designer found that creating a list of things that he craves about working from the office and picturing them is very restorative. So, let’s just scroll down and check out his most relatable *work from home* drawings and Enjoy!

More info: Instagram


So, let me tell you this, office is for socializing, if you want to get actual work done, WFH.


It’s true though. Even without home work.



The truth is Nothing but the truth!


Umm. I was thinking a pie chart could’ve been better


That is so true!


Yup, spontaneous video calls are the worst!


So, don’t you love when the alarm goes off you sleep for 5 more minutes then wake up to find you’ve slept for 8 years.


I’m the second one 🙂


So, I don’t have enough energy to suppress all of my anger 😛



So, entrapped on desolate isle, I was talking about.. (1000+ years later)








Oh! that’s me. 😐


True af.















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