The Horror of The ‘Coffin Homes’ of Hong Kong

Recently Press photographer Kin Cheung spent time photographing some of the tiny subdivided housing units in Hong Kong, known as “Coffin homes”, and those who live in them. Cheung told that there is a “dark side of the property boom in wealthy Hong Kong, where hundreds of thousands of people priced out of the market.

“From cooking to sleeping, all activities take place in these tiny homes”. These residents are among an estimated 200,000 people in Hong Kong living in such tiny subdivided units, some so small that a person cannot even fully stretch out their legs.

Source:- nationalgeographic

#1 He sits in his “coffin home”.

#2 A general view of residential.

#3 Li Suet-wen and her son, 6, and daughter, 8, are shown in their 120-square foot room.

#4 Residents who only gave their surname Yeung.


#5 A man walks in front of a residential.

#6 Cheung Chi-fong, 80, sleeps in his tiny coffin home.

#7 Hong Kong residents, who only gave their surname.

#8 Simon Wong, an unemployed man.

#9 A five year-old boy plays outside his tiny home.

#10 A resident who only gave his surname Yeung.

#11 Kitty Au plays with her hamster.

#12 Tse Chu, a retired waiter, sleeps in his coffin home.

#13 It is located next to a public housing estate.


#14 A set of grimy toilets and single sink shared by the coffin home’s two dozen inhabitants.


#15 A resident who only gave his surname Sin, 55.


#16 Wong Tat-ming, 63, sits in his coffin home, crammed with all his meager possessions.

#17 Li Suet-wen and her son, 6, and daughter, 8, live in a 120-square foot room.