Chris Evans Admits He ‘Accidentally’ Hit Ryan Gosling In The Face While Filming The Gray Man

They say first impressions count, but the one Chris Evans made with Ryan Gosling on the set of their upcoming film The Gray Man was not the one he intended.


Evans, who played Captain America in a series of Marvel films, revealed in a social media post that he accidentally hit co-star Gosling in the face with a gun on the first day of filming for The Gray Man, adding a face-palming emoji afterwards.

Credit: @chrisevans

What Gosling’s reaction was isn’t recorded, but its clear Evans felt bad about the incident, as well as demonstrating how dangerous filming action movies can be for the stars.

Evans shared the story alongside a clip of the film, which is directed by the Russo brothers, showing his character, Lloyd Hansen, smashing Gosling’s character, Court Gentry, into a wall. This is followed by Gentry dropping a grenade, causing both to sprint in opposite directions before the incendiary blows up.