25 Funny Comics By Chris Allison That People With A Dark Sense Of Humor Will Love


We think you are drowned in everyday work like other people and you need to freshen up the mood. If you agree with us then you are at the right place. We know a lot of you guys love art and its unexpected twist. You will get to see all these quirky twists in the hilarious comics. The real name of the talented artist of this comic is Chris Alison. This artist is so engrossed in their art and is making comics continuously for the last 11 years. This talented artist passionately uses entirely digital and analog materials to create his comics.

After reading their comics, your sad day will become very happy. His comics are very impressive and funny. The artist believes that you can get inspiration for making comics from anywhere. He says that somewhere it can also mean a conversation, a book, an unheard conversation, a wrong word, or seeing someone traveling on the sidewalk. All these things are enough to give you many ideas. This talented artist has 93.9k fans on Instagram who love his artwork. We hope that you will also be impressed with his artwork. You can enjoy their artwork by scrolling down and support Chris on Instagram




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